Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

I/We confirm that we have carefully read and fully understood all the terms of use of availing financing that are listed on Paise Credit website at https://paisecredit.com/ .

I/We unconditionally recognise the terms and conditions and acknowledge that they can be revised or changed at any time, and that I/we will be bound by the then-current amended terms and conditions.

I/We understand that loan(s) approval is at the absolute discretion of the (affiliated lenders) and is contingent on my/our execution of requisite documentation, provision of any required security(ies), and completion of all closing courtesies to the satisfaction of the concerned Lender.

I/We declare that I/we are Indian citizen(s)/resident(s) and that all of the facts, records, and details provided / filled in this registration form and information given by me/us are valid, right, and authentic, and that I/we have not withheld or concealed any material information.

I/We announce that no insolvency charges have been filed against me/us, and that I/we have never been declared insolvent. All the information shared are certified and true about the lender and any institution tied to it.

We expect you to have all details with correct and full details in the mandatory fields when you register. We also expect you to keep the data safe, especially passwords and payment details. Please keep your profile up to date by updating the details on a regular basis. Any details you give to Paise Credit would be relied upon.

Each registration is secured along with all the other details mentioned in the form. Multiple accounts on a system or within an enterprise cannot use the same ID for a Paise Credit Premium subscription.