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    What is share trading?

    Share trading means buying and selling of shares with the aim to make some additional cash. The buyer mostly focuses on the shares of companies listed on the stock exchange with a core motive to make some profit. The trade mostly takes place on online platforms with the help of an online trading account. You can invest in mutual funds, buy or sell stocks, bonds, etc without any help or interference from a broker.

    What happens when you buy a share?

    When you invest in shares, you directly own some stake in the company. The shareholders in most cases have a say in the company’s governance and get some rights to vote in small decision-making processes. However, this power is given to investors who own large portions of the share in the company. Paise Credit can help you invest and make some money with smart investment plans. The investors try to make money by selling the shares at a higher price than the purchase price, but it is hard to understand what causes the change of price?

    How share prices are determined?

    The price of the shares is determined by the change of supply and demand. When the company is on the verge of earning a profit, the investors flock to have a piece of their share as an investment. Similarly, when the company goes through a loss, the investors sell off their shares. That is where share trading appears, it different than investing and we support our customers for the same.
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