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    Project Loan

    Corporate borrowers can get a project loan for capital expenditures like building up new/additional manufacturing facilities, building, and so on. A project loan can also be used to purchase permanent assets such as real estate, buildings, and machinery. Paise Credit offers two main financing loans for projects.

    Infrastructural Financing

    Infrastructure development initiatives need a big sum of money over a lengthy period. Paise Credit assists you in raising funding to support your efforts to complete these infrastructure projects.

    Salient features:

    Funding the projects for

    • Generation/Transmission of Power,
    • Telecommunications services
    • Laying/maintaining pipelines for gas, crude, water
    • Developing Roads, Ports & Airports,
    • Setting up Industrial Parks, SEZs
    • Irrigation projects, sanitation/sewerage systems, water treatment plants.
    • Construction of buildings for warehouses, educational institutions, hospitals, etc

    Non-Infrastructural Financing

    Paise Credit helps you in raising the funds for new projects as well as expansion, modernization, and diversification of existing projects in non-infrastructure sectors.

    Salient features:

    Funds for

    • Expansion of existing units
    • Setting up new manufacturing/industrial units
    • Swapping of the high cost debts availed from other Banks/FIs
    • Under Deferred Payment Guarantee basis
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