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Fair Interest Rates

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Are you eligible for loan?

Loan applications can be tedious and there are tons of criteria to be fulfilled. However, the basic way to calculate the eligibility criteria for any stature of loan is through checking these five factors.
Income: keeping a regular check on a constant source of income will meet this factor for the loan applicants. Higher income will give way for larger loans with longer tenure.
Age: A person with more working age on his side can get the loan approved easily as compared to an older person close to retirement.
Down Payment: This depends on the procedure and other documentation work, but higher down payment allows a comfortable tenure.
Tenure: The time allowed for you to repay the loan is the tenure and it is set based on the initial loan procedure. Any failure can cause the seize of property.
Interest: This amount of money charged by the lender to the borrower for handling the loan, which varies from loan to loan or even on credit scores.

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    About Loans


    Home Loans

    Paise Credit has a reputation of providing efficient Home loans and known as the most reliable Mortgage lender in West Bengal by offering easy loans to over 10 lakh families.

    Loan against Property

    Avail Paise Credit loan against property for your business or personal needs. You get residential and commercial mortgage value for taking loan against property.

    Business Loan

    We offer Micro unit development and refinance agency loan scheme to individuals and eligible enterprises through cooperative banks, RRBS, commercial banks, etc.

    Personal Loan

    Paise Credit delivers a hassle-free personal loan with competitive rates starting at the minimum of 10.75% with the flexibility of making the payment at 40%part payment.


    Our Happy Clients

    I received an easy home loan from Paise Credit in less than two days; they are really helpful in every step and can also help you land up with long-term tenure.

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    Rama Verma Customer

    I also wanted an easy business loan; this institution helped me in fulfilling my dream of building my own small-scale business.

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    Kirti Mishra Customer

    My dream for buying my own house was fulfilled by Paise Credit. They truly lives up to their values and offers a great deal for home and personal loans.

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    Sindh Kiran Customer